Embroidery is the fast and simple way to customize the traditional clothing garment. This will add a lot of value and style to your clothing if you wish to sell them. But, embroidering by hand will be the time-consuming process. For this reason, many people are now turning to buy embroidery machines and looking out for the top reviews when buying embroidery machine, check out http://sewingmachinebuffs.com/best-embroidery-machine-for-beginners/ for genuine reviews. There are many styles and brands to select from. This will make it tough to choose the good one. It is true if you are the beginner.  Before getting to the right models we suggest for the beginners, here are some important points to know when you are shopping. It can help you choose the best quality of sewing machine that is simple to use.


The purchase must come with some accessories to make this highly convenient to use. Certain things like the different feet, USB ports, foot pedals, and automatic needle threader and more are some good options to consider. You may have to look for the sewing machine that will import the designs from internet.


The first machine must not be very expensive. It is true if you are never embroidered earlier. You do not want to spend so much money till you know you will get lots of use of your machine. To start with the cost-effective selection and working the way up is one smart move.

Built-In Design Patterns

Most of the embroidery machines generally come with the patterns built in. They are good for the people who do not want to and who cannot connect to internet. You may select from pre-selected panels or embroider the designs. You want the sewing machine to have some patterns – more the better.

Ease of Use

Make sure it is simple to set up, and maintain as this is the beginner machine. You need to look for one, which comes with the instructional video and with step-by-step detailed instructions. It must be straightforward to load & work on the different patterns.

Multiple Features

Embroidery is good. But, you have to choose the machine that works great. This can allow you tackle many more sewing projects without getting out & buying other appliance.  So, your embroidery machine must handle making the borders and neat edging.


Are you planning to handle your projects at one place? Portability of the machine comes in play when you wish to move this around from one location to another.