There are different types of terms that are generally used for expressing the diverse types and styles of clothes which are worn by Muslims across the globe. Similar clothing type is likely to have different names, which again depends upon regional terms. It has been noticed that Muslim women just love to wear fashionable and trendy, but modest clothes and look beautiful. The mushroom online shopping portals do offer them with plethora of choices to select from.

Types of Muslim clothes

The different terms that are used for describing Muslim clothes include Jilbab, Hijab, Abaya, Shayla, hejab, niqab, jubbah, shayla, kurta, thobes, salwar kameez or shalwar. Muslim clothing is also termed as burqa by those in the western countries. However the burqa in reality is considered to be less common among the Muslim ladies. Usually, different opinions also exist about hijab and what it is all about. Few Muslim ladies are found to wear only black clothes, while some are found to cover their faces and others wearing specific regional based clothing. Some tend to mix all of them and wear it according to their choice and preference.

Great collection

Young Muslim women these days would like to wear trendy, fashionable clothes, but without actually moving away from the principles of Islam. They have been finding Islamic attire to be appealing and trendy. The fact is one can plan for hijab online buy and enjoy getting superior quality products at affordable rates. Fashion designers across the globe are coming up with decent, fashionable and modest Islamic clothing meant for the modern woman. The shopping portals do offer variety of choices to make from.


The fact is huge collections of Islamic fashionable and modest clothing can be found at the leading shopping portals. The present Islamic clothing industry does accommodate the needs of every individual, irrespective of age and size. Logging on to popular and reputed portals will help the person to check out the designer apparels and accessories. One can consider buying the best hijab online. This is because, Muslim girls are found to be fond of wearing cute floral hijab and not those traditional plain looking black burqa.

Attractive and simple

The designer Muslim clothing available these days has been designed with great care to be made fashionable and modest at the same time. It is not revealing in any manner or show the woman in poor light. Thus, the modern Islamic dresses are being accepted by the mass and its demand is only seen to be increasing with each passing day.

Most Muslim clothing is found to be manufactured using cotton to accommodate wearing them in humid and hot conditions. They can be found in variety of colors, patterns and styles to select from. The person can shop keeping in mind her specific body needs, preferences, moods, tastes and budget. Clothes can also be purchased for casual wear or occasional wear. The rightly picked dress is sure to make the wearer proud and satisfied.