Braids are one of the most old and common concept around the globe in which women tie their hair into braids to protect and make then look neat. However, time changed so does the concept of styling hair. Simple braids have made their place as most worn hairstyle and eventually it went through lot of experimentation to make braids look more happening, trendy and beautiful. Thus, simple braids have evolved into fashion trade mark. Every place or country have their own style of braiding. Feed in braids are one such hairstyle basically evolved in /Africa but evolved as the most popular hairstyle among women around the world.

New patterns in feed braid for a complete new look

African feed in braids are common hairstyle and are worn to protect and give a neat look to their extremely thick and frizzy hair. Also, these hairstyles provide length to the hair and looks completely natural. There are variety of style and patterns for you to choose from.  From the conventional feed braid to recent new look, all are quite easy and looks great for all occasion. With simple tricks and add on accessories you can make these hairstyles trendier and happening. some such hairstyles are:

  • Jumbo box braids: for those looking for some lengthy and voluminous braid then this one will suit you the best. Add some cuff to the braids to give it a retro look.
  • Long side swept braids: Side braids look beautiful and are popular among the teens. This hairstyle looks great in long as well as short hair and will go like a pro on any casual wear.
  • Ghana braid bun: for an elegant woman in you, choose this elegant Ghana braid and look beautiful and mesmerizing. A perfect hairstyle for parties and wedding making it popular among the women all over the globe.
  • Ombre African braid: for the fashionista in you this hairstyle allows you to experiment. In this hairstyle one can use any colour combination that suits you. One can start with natural dark hair and let colours fill its way while coming towards the end of the hair. You can also choose the required length as per your convenient.

Thinks to take care ion feed braid

Feed braids looks elegant, neat and definitely give others a major fashion goal. They remain looking good without getting disturbed or tangled for weeks together. Feed braids are the best protective hairstyle that really don’t allow mush dirt to get in to the hair. Thus, protects from getting split ends and damaged scalps. Another benefits of feed braid are low maintenance which is very true when it come to this hairstyle. For every coin, there are two sides. There is no leverage here as well, in any hairstyle or hair care treatments. In feed braid there are some cons that are needs to be taken care off. Prolonged braids can cause hair breakage. if you have installed too tight braids, there are more chances of breakage. Also, one need to be very careful while removal of the braid, you need to be very careful and patience while doing the removal part or else will end up tangled and causing serious damage. Apart from this braids are most beautiful hairstyle, wear them and look like a pro!