There are styles galore in terms of kurtas for women, but which one suits your body the best? We help you find out.

Every woman wants to dress well and look her best at all times. But sometimes, it seems like a goal that you cannot reasonably achieve. The problem begins when women scour fashion glossies and look at pictures of celebrities for fashion inspiration. But what looks great on one woman might look outrageous on another. Dressing fashionably is about finding what looks good on your body and improvising from that point on.

If you are looking for new kurtas for women, you must begin by analysing your body shape. Once you have done, so you can buy –

  • A-line kurtas for apple shaped bodies. An apple-shaped body is one with a heavy torso and slender or long legs. The trick to dress apple-shaped bodies is to divert attention away from the heavy upper section, or elongate the torso. You can do this by wearing A-line kurtas in a solid colour, and without much embellishment or clashing prints. Pair with palazzos to balance the silhouette properly.

  • Asymmetrical hems for heavier mid-sections. If you are heavier around your mid-section, with shoulders narrower than the hips, then you must wear kurtis that sweep the eye vertically instead of horizontally. For starters, invest in vertical prints. Next, buy asymmetrical hemmed kurtas for women that distract away from your mid-riff and towards your legs. There are some excellent Biba kurtis that you can buy if you are looking for asymmetrical hems. Be sure to pair with a fitted pair of pants in a lighter colour, to soften the silhouette a little.
  • Anarkalis for pear-shaped bodies. Which woman is immune to the charms of an Anarkali kurta? And if you have a pear-shaped body, you will do yourself a favour by buying several Biba kurtis in an Anarkali pattern. The fit of the garment is such that it deflects attention away from your wider lower body. It is fitted just below the bust line, so it accentuates your thinner torso, while successfully camouflaging your heavier bottom half. The best colours to buy Anarkali kurtas for women are black, royal blue and off white.
  • Prints along the hem for tall and thin frames. If you are tall and thin, you are probably the envy of all your friends and every other woman who sees you. Most fashion brands cater to women of your body shape. But while it might seem that you can pick anything off the rack and rock it, you must still exercise some care so as to not appear taller or thinner than you intend to. One way to break the vertical visual effect that your frame casts, is to wear kurtas with strategic prints. Look for women’s kurtas with designs along the hem and sleeves . Pair these with slim fit jeans or a churidar.
  • Straight silhouettes for hourglass bodies. Hourglass bodies look great in whatever they wear, but more so in Indian ethnic clothing. This type of body has perfectly proportioned upper and lower halves, with a narrow waist. You can wear Biba kurtis that cinch at the waist, or straight fit kurtas for women with a short hem and three-fourth length sleeves.