Men’s fashion has always been something of a minefield, with many outdated ideas stopping gentleman from truly expressing themselves. Fortunately, just as other taboos have fallen away, so too have these fashion taboos, and men are freer to wear what they want they way they want to wear it.

Wearing White in Winter

This may sound silly, but it’s been a taboo for years. The only time that white on white doesn’t work so well is if you are stuck in the rain! But if you can avoid this, there is nothing wrong with wearing all white or shades of white and pale cream or grey during the colder months.

Brown Shoes and Black or Blue Trousers

This is another age-old taboo that needs to be binned forever. With so many other weird fashions on the horizon, wearing brown shoes with a black or blue pair of trousers seems a rather silly no-no. This taboo can also happily be consigned to the rubbish dump, as some shades of brown complement blue and black beautifully.

The Double Denim Debate

If Justin Timberlake can do it, so can we. That’s our response to wearing double denim. This taboo is badly outdated, especially when you consider the fact that you can mix different shades, fades and textures of denim with Farah shirts from to make the ultimate statement.

The White Socks Faux Pas

It may make some people think of Michael Jackson, but these days wearing white sock with brogues, loafers or dress shoes is no longer a fashion crime – just make sure they don’t have neon logos or look like you forgot to do laundry! You need to keep in mind that your socks are making a statement, so they need to be crisp and clean and really pop.

Sunglasses in the Shade

It used to be that men who wore sunglasses in the shades were a bit…shady, but now that taboo has been blown out the water. Smart men wear sunglasses even when there is no sun, as there are harmful UV rays that penetrate clouds and can cause damage to your eyes, even on the greyest day. This doesn’t mean you need to wear sunglasses at night, though, but you can safely wear them anytime from nine to five!