If you think that jewelry is a feminine thing, you should think again. More and more men these days consider jewelry as an expression of style and personality. Men particularly invest in one jewelry (aside from wristwatches) – bracelet. You can wear bracelets and can feel masculine.

Bracelets are not designed to be the centerpiece of your outfit but it forms part of your distinct look. It is considered an accent, which can emphasise your overall look. To boost your confidence in wearing men bracelets, you need to understand the different types of available bracelets and when might be the appropriate time to wear them.

Beaded bracelets

You must remember that beaded bracelets are statement pieces that add style to your casual event. Beaded bracelets will make you look fun. However, matching it can be tricky because you need to look at the color, size, shape, and the texture.

The rule of thumb is to match the colors in the bracelet to something else in your outfit. If you are wearing bold beaded bracelets, it can really catch other people’s eye. If you do not want everyone to focus on your wrist, you need to pick a color that will complement your outfit.

Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are an excellent statement piece showing your appreciation of craftsmanship. Leather bracelets are a must-have because it represents the balance between being well dressed and remaining humble. The good thing about leather bracelets is it can be dyed, which means you can wear them in different colors.

Whatever color of leather bracelet you consider, they are easy to match with suits, khakis or jeans. Just like the beaded bracelets, you need to make sure that you match it to something else in your outfit. For natural colors, it can be matched with shoes and belts.

Stainless steel bracelets

Stainless steel bracelets are versatile – they can be matched with nearly everything in your wardrobe. Stainless steel bracelets can be appropriate enough to wear every day or to a more formal event.

When choosing, look for a color that matches with anything. If you do not want to worry about matching, you need to buy other accessories that are silver-colored or stainless steel. Whatever your outfit, the stainless steel bracelet will make you look very masculine

Precious metal bracelets

Precious metal bracelets like gold, silver, and platinum are expensive. This is why it is used to signify status or wealth. You need to pay more attention to your outfit if you consider these metals. Keep in mind that clashing metal is a quick way to ruin your overall look.

This means that if you wear a gold bracelet, you need to ensure that the other metal on your outfit is gold or gold-plated. Precious metals are good to wear during formal events. For casual events, wearing precious metals may feel alienating to your guests.

Wrapping up

With the right bracelet, it can make your overall look more appealing. Since your outfit changes every day, you need to buy bracelets that work with your personal style. If you are just starting, you should consider simple pieces that you can pair with your favorite outfits.