Epson has now introduced us with the new Epson VS250 SVGA 3LCD HDMI projector including 3,200 lumens color brightness for the color light output and 3,200 lumens white brightness for the white light output. This is one of the most affordable projectors and is able to produce clear HD quality pictures beyond your expectation. Surely, you are not getting such an excellent product under $300. Here, in the epson vs250 svga review, you will get to know all the advantages and facilities are offered for the users to ensure a perfect output.

Basic features of Epson vs250 SVGA:

  • More accurate than the previous versions of Epson projectors. It offers vivid colors even in the well-lit areas – 3,200 lumens of white brightness and equal colors.
  • The SVGA resolution is 800×600 which is the ideal for the projection in everyday presentation and the official presentations. The resolution is perfect for the graphics as well.
  • The projector is compatible with both the Windows and Mac operating system.
  • You need to maintain a certain projection distance to experience the best image quality. The distance should be kept in between 30 inch – 350 inch (0.88m – 10.44m).
  • Fast and easy set-up and installation are possible with the Epson VS250 projector. It is a “plug in and play” projector that can be easily set-up by any non-technical arbitrary person. It includes the F-number:1.44, focal length: 16.7 mm, zoom ratio: digital zoom 1.0-1.35 and the pixel number is 480,000 dots.

Features offered by Epson VS250 SVGA

  • The easy setup allows the users less get up and running time along with the easy image adjustments and convenient controls as well.
  • Excellent color accuracy is offered by Epson VS250 SVGA 3LCD projector. It offers up to 3x Higher Color Brightness and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut over the previous DLP projectors.
  • The projector works perfectly with the latest upgraded laptops and media players that support HDMI which is considered as the standard in connectivity issue. All the digital videos and audios in one single cable are possible here.
  • If the projector comes with a zoom ring, you can rotate it to enlarge the picture and reduce the image size accordingly. If you can find the W button, by pressing it you can enlarge the image size as well. While pressing the T button, the image will be reduced in size.

The epson vs250 svga review states that it is the perfect choice for the first-time buyers as it claims quite an affordable price of less than $300. You should keep in mind it is not possible to get such amazing specifications in a printer in this affordable price range.

Now, you just need to decide whether you are going to buy a 3LCD printer or not. If yes, this Epson printer is one of the best choices.