Earlier buying watch was not a challenging task. But today with the varieties available in the market, it becomes really difficult to choose the one. The cost as well as the type is not easy to choose when it comes to buying watches. There are watches which cost almost the prize of a car or more.

If we go to shopping online, visit a watch shop, just open a catalog, or visit a jewelry shop there will be varieties of watches. They are available in bright colors, with shiny steel plates, dull blacks colors, small sizes, tiny ones, and even big ones. Earlier days there used to be lesser options to choose from. So, selecting watch was not difficult job.

Watches available for all professions

Sports people there are different types, cyclist there are other varieties. Runners there are hundreds of types available in the market. So, it can be daunting when we have to choose a watch for a person.

Long ago, watches were only meant for men. Only men owned watches. Having more than one watch or collection was not in trend. Owning a watch was treated as a personal possession and it was doing more than just telling time. It was a display of status, wealth, aspiration, and family. There were times when watches were handed down from father to son. Watches were, especially the golden ones were treated as a best gift for retirement. This was conveying the camaraderie and respect to that particular person.

The reason behind this was, at that time watches were not treated as just technology. They were not used a jewelry either. They were treated as assets. They were usually made of costly and precious metals. The work used to be finished in platinum or gold. They were conveying the position of that man wearing it. Watches were used as personal statement. Owners were wearing a single watch for decades.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

People were treating owning watch like as if they own their own spaceship. But today there are is no such respect towards watches. There are watches available for the cost of a newspaper. But this respect is again increasing through Smartwatches. So, through the technology development, watches have evolved and grabbing significant places like before.

Today there are watches available for every other situation. They are really useful for some professions especially for the sports. Patek Philippe Nautilus is one such brand which releases costly sports watches.

Like this there are many brands which specifically design watches keeping specific use in mind. Even though Smartphones are available in all sizes and designs there is still some place for watch because it comes with specific advantages.

Main thing is watches are discreet. Just consider checking time. For this watch is more comfortable than pulling the phone from pocket when you are in the middle of something. Glance at a watch can be easy and no one will notice it. There is no need to dig around for watch it will be in hand and easy to reach.