Many brands will go to high lengths to make sure that user experience & buyer’s journey are quite unique for the internet stores. Still, it is common for the retailers to take a little inspiration from other websites when any feature and design element catches the eye. You have likely seen certain elements that you wished to replicate onto your website with help of Shopify collection filter.

One element that will be tough to manipulate is sidebar.

Suppose you wish to edit sidebar in the Shopify store, you will need to dig in some theme editing menus. Also, there may be a few code editing needed, which depends up on what you wish to accomplish. In today’s article, we are going to look how to edit any sidebar in the Shopify, customization ideas for sidebar, and add the sidebar on Shopify theme.

Making use of Sidebars in the Shopify

The sidebars have many uses on the website, whether it is eCommerce Shopify shop or standard site. They are commonly seen with articles & blog content and have a wide variety of the widgets and modules with the content like:

  • Links to the recent & popular content
  • Social media badges
  • Content categories
  • Calls to action & opt-ins
  • Ad blocks

In the eCommerce, sidebar will be less commonly utilized as the content section.

Certain stores select to edit sidebar in the Shopify so website navigation gets removed from header & instead placed on left and right side of a site. Some others edit that sidebar in the Shopify to spotlight the product & store information, offer fast links to the collections, and offer the space for the granular filters customer will narrow down the product search.

Looking at the Sidebar example

Irrespective of what you wish to put in sidebar it is very important you note down that sidebar might not at all be included in the Shopify store. It is because of the themes getting coded to fit the specific layout & style. Certain themes just do not support or provide any type of the sidebar menu and r pane. For instance, Debut Shopify theme, which comes with new store does not provide this as the native feature. Also, the older themes made before Shopify added some new sections feature that likely will not have sidebar functionality. Suppose you cannot find the option to edit sidebar in the Shopify when customizing the theme, it is likely sidebar functionality was not coded in it. Thankfully, because the theme lacks sidebar option does not mean you cannot add one on your website. We will touch on it deeper in our article.