Pong Beer is getting pretty crazy. There was a time when no one was playing the game, and the people who called him called “Beirut” and not “beer pong”. Then, over time, the game began to grow with its roots and gradually became smaller, until it seemed to touch the critical mass and could not stop growing without worrying about anything.

A table of beer pong came up from a table made of plywood sheet on cement blocks. With the advent of the portable table, beer pong can now be played almost wherever people gather. Now you can meet them at parties in the university pool, at parties with a back door and even in numerous bars and nightclubs that organize their own tournaments. There are two basic types of tables: an inflatable table, which is easy to set up literally anywhere (even in a group), and the toughest folding boards that are most often used in tournaments and colleges across the country.

Inflatable Pong Beer Tables

You can buy a table to play beer pong almost by building a table, but without work. Basically, a large inflatable pool with a cup-shaped inlay on both sides of the raft to keep your cups during the game. The inflatable table is the best addition to the pool party, which is sure to be a hit with your friends. However, the raft also turned out to be a universal table that can be used almost anywhere. You can place it on top of the basket or even on the hood of your car and start playing right away.

The game appeared in universities, and then in many university dormitories and student apartments at the university, and then plunged into the lives of “normal” people who did not even attend college. Then he really took his own life and entered the professional sports league, and now people play tournaments like something full.

There is a strange thing about pong that doesn’t make much sense, or maybe this is the reason why it grew so fast. And what is strange?

Tables for beer pong are so big that they are fixed.

Basically, if you put a ping-pong table in your living room, good luck always get everything.

Most people actually make their own boards with plywood and other random building materials, create their own design (sometimes), and then realize too late that it is simply impossible to “undo” and pull it out of the room. And then return it to the room when you want to play, etc.