Wireless earphones are these very popular earphones nowadays that ‍has no cords. While there are some earphones and headphones that still have cords in them, and not to mention phone companies still put wired earphones in their devices, it can’t be denied that wireless earphones haven’t come to a place where it can still fully replace wired ones, but with mobile phones slowly ditching the 3.5mm jack it can be a possibility.

The reason behind people still not fully letting go of their wired devices is because of the limitations of wireless devices like the battery life, the durability and the consistency of music. But the fact is while there are certain limitations about the wireless earphones, for now, it can’t be denied that it’s the future and if you’re still not sold below are some good reasons why you should buy a wireless earphone.

 Phones are ditching the 3.5-mm jack: If you want to talk about developments in the mobile world, there is a growing development that there are mobile developers that are ditching the audio jack. While these things have caused a mixed reaction to some, it is what it is. While some people are looking for phones that still have their jack.There are some that are loyal to the brand that they got used to, bought some wireless earphones and went with the flow..

Wireless buds are encased in a charging case: One of the concerns that these buds have is the battery life. The standard battery life for most of these earphones is 4 hours, and that is a problem. While that might be sufficient for commuting, but for long flights, long trips and in times where you forgot to charge them these things will die out on you. So the option before was to either buy a few or have a wired one that’s spare. But if you got, a device that doesn’t support wired and you forgot to charge all your earphones (go figure.). The good thing now that these wireless buds are encased in their own charging case. It means while it’s in its respective case it will continue to charge that will last you 10-12 hours or more (continuous use).

It’s mostly waterproof: One of the perks of having wireless buds is that most of these products are wireless but you still need to ask though for good measure. This is the reason why many people that love to run and train love these things.

Its durable: While wireless buds have more components in them, but with the absence of the cord it does become more durable. Do you know why your earphones or headphones get broken so easily? It’s because of the cords. The cords are its weakest link and by removing that, it will make your buds last longer.

Wireless earphones are a very popular commodity nowadays not just because there is now a technology that made it possible, but also because it’s cheaper now, it now has longer battery life thanks to its portable charging case, and it’s mostly waterproof which makes it perfect for all activities that you have. Click here to buy one for you.