When Nathaniel Baldwin first invented the headphones in 1910, little did he know that a whole new step was taken in the field of science and technology. Headphones have given us the freedom to enjoy solitude when in crowd, serenity and soulful music when stressed and above all have the best sound clarity and quality ever. Having a good quality headphone is a prerequisite for every individual…… so why wait???? Splurge and gift yourself one of the best budget headphones

Based on individual priorities (gaming, music, calls), preferences like noise-cancellation, w/wo microphones, wired/ wireless and depending on the budget (of course) there are numerable options to choose from and a considerable amount of homework has to be done .

Here are some of the best rated headphones of 2017.

  • BOSE QUIET COMFORT – 35 ($349.99) :

These are rated as the most comfortable headphones with effective noise- cancellation. With 20 hours of battery life one will be lost in their own world with them. There is a special LED battery indicator to check when the juices are about to be down.


 These are the best in market in that price range. You name the feature and you get it here..all in one. 15 Hrs playtime, rechargeable battery, bluetooth enabled so switches easily between two connected devices and awesome sound clarity.

  • AUDEZE SINE – ($450) :

Most affordable Hi-end headphone with planar magnetic sound performance with a closed – back design. Leather all around so beautiful to look at and canbe  easily connected to phones also.

  • SONY MDR – 1000X ($299.00) :

This Headphone gives accurate sound quality with built in microphone to facilitate calls . Touch controls and  bluetooth pairing with compatible devices like phone and tablet. Its a close back over the ear portable headphone.


 When outbound and on tours it’s difficult to take expensive headphones so here are some of the best budget headphones​ (below 100$) with awesome sound quality :


2) PLANTRONICS BACK BEAT 500  ($79.99)

3) JBL E 35  ($79.95)

4) COLOUD NO.16  ( $40.00)

    Good to have a great sounding headphone but wait……learn the tips and tricks to keep it for a lifetime .

Here are some :

* Things cared for last for a longer time…..so get a bag/pouch where your gadgets can be carefully kept.

* Be gentle…Even the best of things wouldn’t last if you treat them nastily …so handle them gently.

* You get what you pay for …so splurge with sense and use with cautiously..Dont expect a cheap knock off to sound like a real one.

*  Dont let them work hard  day in and day out…they  will wear out soon…High bass, High volume and high usage will lead to high damage and you have to pay high cost!!!

* Dont leave them vulnerable ..like dangling , on bed, on ground, near water sources…every thing has after effects for sure …so be careful..

So take care of your favourite possessions and enjoy great music….