No matter how hard you try to keep a car clean, after sometime, the interiors of a car start accumulating dust. Since the dust makes it to the narrowest of spaces and sits there, it is very hard to clean it. This is why you need a vacuum cleaner if you aim to thoroughly clean your car. Following are the steps to clean your car using a vacuum cleaner.

Choose the right kind of vacuum cleaner

There’s a huge, huge difference between the floor of your house and your car. This totally indicates you can never use “just any vacuum cleaner” for your car. Your car has a number of corners that are screaming for help. What your car exactly needs is a vacuum cleaner that is supposed to clean the smallest crevices and suck the dust out of it. For this purpose, the right kind of vacuum cleaners are the handheld vacuum cleaners. To know more about using a handheld vacuum cleaner, visit


Prepare before vacuuming

Make sure you open all the doors of your car. Also, if your car has any trash in it, do take it out of the car. The purpose of cleaning your car with the help of a vacuum cleaner is to be able to get rid of the dust particles. Once you are done cleaning the car of the visible trash, remove the floor mats.

Starting with the process of vacuuming

When you vacuum your car, it is hard to suck all the dust from those hard to reach places. For this purpose, use the brush that is provided with your vacuum cleaner. The brush helps in stirring up the dust which can then be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner.

When you vacuum, don’t just do it once and think it’s done. You should sweep the seat multiple times, from the middle to the edge. Also, push the seat back and clean the section. Multiple runs are needed to ensure all the dust has been removed.

Once you are done cleaning the seats, start cleaning the floor mats. Start off by banging them against a wall to shake off all the dust. After doing that, just run the vacuum cleaner two to three times over the mat. You can even clean the floor mats by wiping them with a wet cloth. This will ensure the floor mat is completely clean.

Areas that can’t be reached by a vacuum cleaner

Areas, like the gear and steering wheel need special attention since a vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be able to cover these areas. To get rid of the dust sitting in those corners, you can use compressed air. A hand brush would also be helpful to clean these corners.