There are many newly emmerged commerce sites that have come up who offer discounts on member’s purchases in terms of attractive cash backs. The members are not only entitled to earn cash backs but also make a good income through their referral programs as well. It is almost like getting paid for your shopping. Now who does not like the idea of getting paid to shop for their favourite brands. The commerce platform was conceived to provide you with opportunities to earn while you shop. Now all this sounds too good to be true because how does a website that is free to join make money and offer cash backs to its customers? The immediate question that comes to our mind is that such companies are scam? The answer is an absolute no as trunited scam is a big myth. So how does the whole system actually work?

One can say that the whole system is actually a modified version of affiliate marketing where an affiliate is required to promote other peoples products in order to earn a commission. The website allows y ou to earn cash back incentives not only when you recommend people to sign up with them, but also when a purchase is made by your network. They also promote the direct sales of highly discounted products to their members. The platform also runs on a revenue sharing model where all the commission earned by them is shared among the members. Hence the whole idea on trunited scam is an absolute myth. This would become more clear if we understand how exactly the members make money using the platform.

The platform offers two ways to the members to make money.The first method is to earn from your own purchases on their website and the second is to earn from what people in your downline do.This might sound as a multi level marketing but it is exactly not the case. Now let us first understand how to earn cash backs using such sites. There are products that one can buy directly from these platforms. With every such purchase there are a certain profit points associated with it. The amount each point is worth completely depends upon the amount of money that the platform generates in the particular month. This might not bring in much profits and hence the need to recruit people under you is equally important if you wish to make some quick bucks.

When you refer people beneath you, an opportunity to make money for yourself also arises. It is important that you have a minimum of 3 referrals beneath you. But the story doesn’t end there, those working beneath you should also refer people further. The deeper is the downline the more you earn. This is because along with earning from your direct referrals you also earn from referral beneath them. If you wish to increase your earnings then it is important to expand your down line accordingly. Building an effective downline might be a tedious job and people might not be willing enough to invest that much of time. But still earning cash backs from your shopping also makes the platform worth a try.