Firearm enthusiasts these days are using special optical sighting devices on most of their guns. This makes it easy and simple when aiming through a scope or a red dot sight. It reduces the complexity and magnifies the target better. This will make sure that you have a higher precision when shooting your target.

            Without the scope, most older shooters will have a hard time to switch from rear to front sight, then to the target. With the scope, you will not have to encounter this problem. However, with the increasing number of options on rifle scopes, choosing the best for your AR-15 can be a challenge. So here is a beginner’s guide on how to choose the best scope for your rifles.

best scope for your rifles

How To Read Your Scopes

            When you are new to buying rifle scopes, there are certain factors that you consider. You cannot just spend your money on something that is popular. You don’t know if this is the right rifle scope that you need. The format of a rifle scope is “magnification X objective lens diameter”. For example, a 4x24mm scope means that you will be able to magnify 4 times and can go up to 24mm in diameter.

What To Consider When Buying A Rifle Scope

The Optical Power. Just how much magnification will you be needing? This will depend on what you will be using the scope for. Remember that the higher the magnification scope is, the greater allowance for target resolution. However, this will also be larger and heavier and more expensive.

Consider The Size. The objective lens should also be considered. This transmits the ambient light for the shooter to have a better focus on the image. When you have a larger objective lens, the more light will transmit to your eye. This means that you will have a brighter and a clearer image of your target.

The Payout. You will notice that the better quality of the lens is, the pricier it gets. But with the scope market these days, you have many options to choose from. This means that you will also have more options when it comes to price points.

Nikon P-223 3X32 (Matte BDC Carbine)

            This is one of the favorites of Nitehawk. The site made a review about the best rifle scopes that are available in the market these days and Nikon is one of the top brands on their list. We all know that this brand gives us the best cameras and camera lenses. So it is not a surprise that they can also make the best rifle scopes for our AR-15.