Plain men’s shirts, especially in neutral colors like white and beige, are never a fad and always in fashion. Along with neutral tones, solid color shirts go well with most men’s skin complexion. While there is nothing generally wrong with shirts that have loud colors and patterns, men should have ten shirts with solid color or semi-solid color appearance.  Plain men’s shirts are the perfect item to build the rest of your outfit around. Make sure to have shirts that match with numerous articles of other clothing, like pants and shoes.

When shopping for new shirts follow the ‘Rule of 3.’ According to the ‘Rule of 3,’ men should shop for new shirts in stacks of 3. One shirt should be a completely neutral color, like white or beige. The second shirt should also be a neutral tone but have a pattern. The third shirt should be a non-neutral colored shirt that will go well with the rest of your wardrobe. If you are looking to create a minimalist wardrobe, experts recommend eight shirts. These eight shirts should be some combination of t-shirts, buttoned shirts, polo shirts and Henley shirts.

The appropriate shirt type for men depends on how he is built. T-shirts are not a good choice on a man who is overweight or really thin. Short sleeved Henley shirts and polo shirts are okay for heavier men. These shirt types draw attention to the male face and have detailed necklines.

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When it comes to men’s shirts, nothing is more versatile than the T-shirt. T-shirts are the best way to create an effortless look. Grey t-shirts are great to wear, especially if you need a break from white. A grey shirt will always look great with blue pants. Another great idea is to combine, for example, a light grey t-shirt with a dark grey pair of pants.

Navy blue t-shirts are a great choice for those times when you need to dress up a bit. Navy blue t-shirts are also the perfect way to take a break from black t-shirts. You can get away with wearing navy blue t-shirt with a suit. Navy blue t-shirts are really eye catching when worn under a brightly colored jacket. Navy blue t-shirts are the perfect choice for a shirt you can wear for casual and formal reasons.

Black t-shirts are great because a man can match them with anything. Black is the most popular color for t-shirts among men. A lot of men like to create an all black outfit inspired from his t-shirt. Just be careful about wearing a black t-shirt during the summer it can make you really sweaty.

When your shirts are too far gone, use them as wash rags, it is a real money saver. I grew up with parents who used old shirts as cleaning rags all the time. If you would prefer to make your old shirts feel like new again, use those old men’s shirts to make items such as pillowcases, dog or cat toys, quilts and pompoms.