A music freak, whose life is incomplete without tuning on to his favorite music channel and spending at least couple of hours before calling it a day, will definitely call “headphones” as his best friend. One of the most confusing questions people ask themselves while buying a new headphone is whether to go with wireless headphone or stick to the age-old wired pair. Both the options have their own pros and cons, and depending on your usage of your headphones, you can take a final call.

Sound Quality: Over the years, the difference in sound quality between Bluetooth wireless headphones and the wired ones has certainly lessened; however, some diehard music buffs still believe a wired connection is more “authentic” than a Bluetooth one. It is true that the wireless can only handle limited information across its signal, however, a lot of us will probably won’t even come to know the difference. The major difference in sound quality depends on the quality and the brand, be it wired or wireless. Various manufacturing companies design headphones with different equalization (or EQ) levels for better output. There is a difference between the sound quality of a wired headphone and a wired one, but these days they have digital music playing and that won’t even be realized.

wireless headphone

Complete freedom: Owning a pair of Bluetooth headphones gives complete freedom. It is a different feeling altogether to be able to connect your headphones to your phone, tab or computer and having the freedom to walk 50 feet away while still hearing everything clearly. It practically makes every task easy. You don’t have to worry things obstructing your way, which means you are free to do anything you want. Doing usual chores around the house, walking or jogging in a park, working out at the gym; everything has become so easy with Bluetooth headphones because you don’t have to deal with long cords getting entangled or getting caught in anything.

Compatibility with present and future devices: It’s important that you think about what device you want to use with your headphones, in the current situation and in the future, when planning of purchasing a new pair. With different headphone jacks for each handset, it becomes extremely difficult to keep changing the headphones. These days there are different headphone jacks for different phones – an iPhone will not support what HTC or Samsung may support and vice-versa. It may become more difficult to find a phone that can support a universal 3.5mm wired connection going forward. You don’t want to keep changing your headphones every time you buy a new phone to match up to its compatibility. A wireless headphone will come in handy here, which you can plug into any device and start enjoying streaming music non-stop.

To conclude, when it comes to Bluetooth wireless headphone vs Wired one, it mostly comes down to personal choice and usage of the individual. But the idea is to be future ready and look at devices which will be more adaptable today and in the future. So take your pick wisely….