The tailbone or the coccyx is the fused end of the four vertebrae at the end of the lumbar which is required when you sit down. The structure is such that it’s a fused construction with a trio shape that supports the whole weight of the human torso while you sit and lean towards the back. Actually, the weight is not there on the coccyx while we are sitting and leaning backward. That will mean you would have to have a very worthy structure for the distinctive coccyx cushion that provides you additional height while you sit on the chair and there would be a cut out segment wherever your tailbone would meet the chair. The cutout would make certain that the tailbone doesn’t ever get hurt and no direct pressure would be applied on the tailbone.

Different types of cushion

There are numerous kinds of cushion available and some of these are precisely designed for the car. However, some are precisely designed for the workplace chairs. An actual good design is the wedge formed cushion which is used for the office chair, however, not for the car. The best coccyx cushion for the car is the blowup tailbone pillow as that will aid in making sure you can carry it very easily, anyplace you go and then you could release the air and it will just fold up into pleasant briefcase style bag.

Benefits of different cushion

The main benefit of the inflatable pillow is that you can carry it anyplace like a bag and evade the awkwardness you will usually face when you carry around a cushion.People ask silly questions to you or give you those curious looks. An additional good design is the donut-shaped cushion andit’s just a styled ring with gel filled inside the ring that provides you the additional height required to evade the tailbone contact with the chair. Continually check the dimension of the coccyx cushion whenyou’re purchasing.

office chair cushion

Benefits of donut cushion

Donut cushions are not merely for people who have present problems linked with sitting, but moreover, for anybody who wants to have additional peace of mind in sitting.Additionally, it’s for those who would like to stop being uncomfortable or get triggered through prolonged sitting. Since donut pillows aren’t large, their movability is an additional benefit.

When you’re sitting anywhere, whether it be the hard curb of the sidewalk, the flexible wood of a bench in the park or the aesthetically soft pillow of your chair, you must understand that you’re putting lots of pressure on your tailbone.