Zipper pulls are exactly what the name suggests. A zipper pull is made up of a fabric or metal loop that is attached through the zipper slider’s hole in a garment. It adds more leverage for grasping the pull and the small button can also be customized to suit any specific need or requirement. As long as the garment has a zipper, you can add this simple but useful feature.

The button that serves as the pull is customizable in whatever way you need.

Would you like to use zipper pulls as name tags or you do want to use them as cute mementos? Whatever the purpose is, zipper pulls can be custom fit for any requirement.

The best thing about zipper pulls is that you don’t only use them to make unzipping small items less troublesome because some businesses even use zipper pulls for promoting their organizations.

Zipper Pulls as Ad Space

Zippers can be found anywhere to the extent that it is easy to take these features for granted. For instance, if your backpack doesn’t have a zipper, your things will never be safe and secured. Of course, it would also be an unfortunate thing if your zippers don’t have a zipper.

Zippers can indeed be seen anywhere you look so it just makes perfect sense to use them as spaces for promoting events or businesses.

Events can be placed on bright zipper pulls that can be used on shirts or jacket. This way, every time people use their zippers, your event is going to be right in front of their eyes.

Perfect Incentives for Students

In the same way adults are using zipper pulls, young students can also use them to the fullest. Reward students with good behavior with attractive zipper pulls for their shirts or jackets. Zipper pulls can also be used as awards to promote participation in events. They can also be used as in demand collectibles for schools or organizations.

Recognition for Hardworking Employees

Lastly, zipper pulls are great products that can recognize the stellar work performance of employees. Aside from monetary incentives, zipper pulls are also perfect as badges of honor.